Kind Words

As seen on the the back cover:

“’MurMurings’ is a great, fun ride of a read. Kudos to Murray Siegel for writing it.” – Cathy Ladman, actor/comedian/writer

“When we first met in college, Murray Siegel was already an accomplished creative, with several scripts, short stories and even an unpublished novel to his credit. He’s a born storyteller, whether a short quip ideal for these digital times, or a short story. Open this book and see for yourself. Keep MurMuring, my friend.” – Jeff Krulik, Filmmaker, “Heavy Metal Parking Lot”, “Led Zeppelin Played Here”

“If “MurMurings” can’t cure Covid, nothing can. It is just the right amount of stupid chuckle mixed in with belly laugh brilliant. I loved it. Highly recommend!”SONiA, Disappear Fear, very very very famous musician (google her!)

“They say that brevity is the soul of wit. If that’s true, then Murray Siegel is full of it. Wit, that is. He’s probably full of other stuff, too. I’m afraid to look inside. But you shouldn’t be afraid to look inside this book. It bursts with tiny gems of humor. Some will make you laugh. Some will make you groan. Some will make you think. Some will make you wish you’d read them on Facebook, when they were free. All will make you marvel at the mind they came from.” – John Kelly, Washington Post columnist

“This is a great book to read in the bathroom, even if you’re just
brushing your teeth or applying make-up.”
Honore Balzac, Famous French Insurance Adjuster

From and other sources:

“If you need a pick me up, pick up this book. So much fun and a fast read. Literally sat down to read the book and finished it before I got back up. Murray takes you through his twisted and yet wonderful sense of humor on a lively tour of observations past and present that will mostly make you laugh and some will make you think. Thank you to Murray Siegel for sharing his wit and wisdom and bon mots with the world.” – Charles Freericks, Author, “My Imaginary Friend Was Too Cool To Hang Out With Me

“What I enjoyed most was the overall whimsical tone of a thoughtful person…reflecting on what could easily be an overwhelming, depressing catalog of the incongruities and absurdities of life (and by default of literature), but instead makes us laugh at the unexpected surprises.…In a James Thurber style, Murray performs literary alchemy in transforming what could be heartbreaking or even tragic, into something light-hearted and comical.” – Siegel’s 8th Grade English Teacher (Name withheld for insurance purposes.)

“Hysterical! I think I was annoying the person next to me on the plane with my constant belly laughs. Well done!”

“I was thoroughly entertained by this very fast read…It’s an interesting and quick-paced blend of short stories and graphic novella elements, that seem largely seem harvested by the author’s suburban, mid-century upbringing. I was somewhat reminded of the iconic TV series The Wonder Years; Mr. Siegel must be of Kevin’s generation. Elements of this book seem suited for stand-up comedy, especially for a middle aged or late middle-aged audience…I look forward to his next.”

“Do you think Rembrandt’s wife ever had trouble getting him to paint the guest bedroom?”….What a fun read! Murray Siegel’s “MurMurings” has a chuckle on every page and a couple of knee slappers too. This is a humorous and clever collection of stories, recollections and quips that looks at the absurdity and irony in everyday life. And all from Murray’s unique perspective. Enjoyable from cover to cover and highly recommended for anyone who has ever smiled.

“A funny and fresh outlook on the mundane happenings of day to day to life. Reading Murmurings was a relaxing way to spend a few hours of my weekend. The funny jumped out at me from the most unexpected places and I found myself remembering little “murmurings” throughout the day. In my opinion, that’s the sign of a great book and I can’t wait for his next masterpiece!”

“MurMurings” is just what we need at this time! Very funny and clever. I plan on reading it to my assisted living residents.”

“Was a truly fun read. Looked forward to finishing it this morning with my coffee in my reading nook, it made me laugh many many times.”

“Charming wit in a compact package.”

“I just finished your book and to say it was entertaining would be an understatement. I love the wit and sarcasm and I’m sending kudos on such a wonderfully witty compilation of stories! Great job!! Looking forward to the next one, LOL!!”

“I loved the book…it’s really funny.”

“I absolutely love this book…It’s magical…. My face really fucking hurts because non stop smiling… I don’t want to finish it in one sitting… I want to spread out the joy this is giving me… MurMurings is brilliant… It’s all brilliant… When you read it, you will not dwell on the shit that is happening in world. Murray is so talented…I loved reading it… Was really bummed out when I finished.. I literally LOL’ed.”

“I stayed up well past my grown-up bedtime to read this first book, “MurMurings”, by Murray Siegel, and have to say that I am glad I did. It was really such a treat! Reading In my mind, MurMurings played out to be a little trip through another person’s story, that drama known as life itself, with a just-perfect collection of perspective-revealing moments, memories, quandaries, sweet sarcasm, and straight-up jokes. (some good pictures too!) The author’s ability to share experiences and thoughts, some scary, with his wit and a good sense of humor, makes him one cool cat of a thinker and storyteller which is a gift to readers, at least it was for me. I know that I will revisit this book again. There are some lines that I really enjoyed, some minimalistic, the added touch that makes a story that much better to perfect. I will resist doing that because I don’t want to have to write “spoiler alert” at the top of my comments. I have no doubt that readers will appreciate this book as much as I did for probably a whole other list of reasons. Simply put, Loved It!!”

“A raucous romp through the mind of one deranged man. There are plenty of dry gems in there to keep you glued to the pages until you reach the end. After that, you’ll probably go back to it over and over, just to randomly flip through the pages for a quick guffaw. I recommend “Murmurings” to anyone hankering for mind-escaping nonsense and silly ingenuity.”

“”MurMurings” by Murray Siegel hits a home run. With it’s amusing observations about daily life and humorous short stories everyone can relate to, “MurMurings” provides the laughs we need.”

“I highly recommend “MurMurings: ‘Funny Tales of Terror’ and other desperate cries for help.” I needed this! In fact, everyone needs this book. Many believe that laughter is the best medicine, and I must admit that it’s my drug of choice. If it’s yours, too, read “MurMurings”. The author, Murray Siegel, said in a recent interview that there’s never a bad time for laughs. I couldn’t agree more, and now more than ever, the world needs to laugh. Murray has a gift for both subtle and in your face humor, and his book delivers. I’d suggest purchasing a few copies — you no doubt have a friend or two who could use a laugh, too!”

““MurMurings” is an entertaining collection of the observations, reflections, and memories of Murray Siegel, who is masterful at depicting the humor of everyday life. Siegel offers witty accounts of the mishaps in his past interspersed with clever one-liners, musings, and illustrations (or what the author calls, “short, stupid stuff”). This is a unique and memorable book. If you need a laugh or an escape from your own misadventures, treat yourself to “MurMurings!””

“”MurMurings” by Murray Siegel was a fun to read. I loved the sarcastic humor. I think the longer essays were my favorite. Mr. Siegel displays a wit that shows you don’t have to be dirty to get a laugh, maybe just slightly naughty. I can’t compare it to anything else I have read, I can’t think of a humor book that I enjoyed more. I urge you to buy this book so he can give us more. This book is small but packs a comedic punch. I would describe it as the coffee table book of the tiny house movement!”

“So enjoyable. 😂😂😂just what I needed to unwind on a day off.”